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Logo Design Process : Junx City

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When i set out to design a logotype (a logo consisting of letters only) for my Science Fiction world Junx City, i put together a list of requirements first. I had already created preliminary logos using the Typefaces Klavika and Neutra, but I hadn’t decided on one final logo. Since I was moving ahead with my new projects, I decided it was time to come up with a finalized logo for Junx City once and for all.

My current logos for Junx City were not unified and left something to be desired

First I took a look at what I wanted from my logo and what I had achieved already. I stopped thinking about the metal texture and the styling of the logo for the time being. Once I created a solid logo in black and white, I could decide the styling afterwards. I wanted a logo that was modern so i knew I wanted to use a sans serif typeface, one without the flourishes and edges you’d see on many older typefaces. I wanted a bold typeface that looked sturdy, plain enough to be flexible in many different scenarios and easy to read from a distance. My first step was to try several different typefaces and see if anything jumped out at me. makes it easy to try out many different fonts using your own text

Personally I like the font chooser at After looking through many typefaces for inspiration i realized 2 things. 1, I wanted to use a very simple font as the base for the logo, rather than a wilder display font. And 2, i liked some of the details that the more varied fonts had and wanted to incorporate them into my design. With that in mind I noted the following:

    1 – I liked the Klavika font as the base. Facebook uses a modified version of Klavika and I decided to take a similar route. Klavika gave me a solid base to start from, but on its own I found it too anemic and plain.
    2 – I liked the shape of the ‘X’ here and found it very mechanical
    3 – The division of this ‘X’ had a nice stencil feel to it
    4 – I wanted to try something different with the ‘N’ like this

Using Klavika as the base, I made a few modifications quickly to get an idea of what I could achieve:

Modified versions of Klavika formed the base of the Junx City logo

I choose to dd the slices on the X, the different X shape, and the new edge on the ‘T’. I also customized the letters so that they had even widths, something Klavika didn’t have but that I wanted here. I constructed the letters from scratch, paying careful attention to alignment, using grids and guides to help. I straightened out the edges of the ‘C’ to run parallel with the ‘I’, and very subtly rounded the corners. Klavika has sharp edges and I wanted a touch more friendliness:

Careful alignment of the logo elements during creation helps achieve balance

Finally I had my logo base ready for the final touches:

The Basic logo is complete

I liked that it had more substance and sturdiness than my previous logos. And the customization made it uniquely mine. Next I carefully added in the elements of white trim and slices to the ‘X’ and the ‘T’. Although these are small details the add to the uniqueness, also the sliced ‘X’ gave me opportunities to use the center of the ‘X’ as a pipe, a very industrial element that fit right in with Junx City.

Small details to the X, T and C add uniqueness

Finally I adjusted the spacing between letters to be more balanced and equal:

Carefully spacing the letters balances the logotype

And here is the final product:

The Final Junx City Logo in Black and White

From here I can apply styling (rusted textures, metals, etc..) that will fit in with Junx City. But that’s a story for another post. In the meantime if you like this one, follow me on facebook – I appreciate the supoort:


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Junx City Citizens : Moti Voto

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I thought it might interest some of you to see the process by which I create my characters for Junx City, my Sci Fi satire universe. Moti Voto is the owner of Bullsh!t – Junx City’s largest Public relations firm. If you have a problem, he can put a good spin on it. But originally Moti would go back and forth in my head between this job and others. What I knew most was that he was a high powered executive type with not much of a conscience. So when I created my First person shooter game ANDAGEL, I used Moti as the lead villain – Owner of Junx City’s pollution powerhouse CHEMICOY. For the game I knew a few details about his appearance. He had pale skin and dressed well. At that time and in game, the character looked like this:

This is an early character design for Moti Voto

Skip forward a few years and I decided that i was ready to have Moti Voto as a prime time character in Junx City. First I had to clarify who he was before he could be drawn. I knew he was a pill popping social climbing sneak with a high position at Bullsh!t. He liked good clothes, was extremely clever and disarming, and was from a race of genetically bland overlords I called the Yanta (named after my brothers middle name – although he’s nowhere near bland). Once I had this, I contacted artist Geoff Carley who had done other characters for me, and set to work. First I created an Idea Board that put together many of the concepts I had about Moti Voto in my head. That board looked like this:

Visual concepts for Moti Voto

I knew that the Yanta were gentically pure species that used dna from other species to fullfill what they were not born with. Toothpaste and general goop came to mind when I thought of how there bodies would be composed. Geoff took this and after some refinement we came up with a few versions:

Moti Voto Version 1

Geoff captured so much of my vision. But the style was a bit threatening and angular for Junx City, which I had always seen as more satirical and toungue in cheek. The next version came much closer:

The second version of Moti Voto

We were almost there. I added a few notes and sent back the sketch, mostly about taming his hair. I also wanted some sci fi additions to him. Moti Voto was also a bit sexier – he could disarm you with a smile, useful when climbing the corporate ladder. The third version nailed it:

Third (final) version of Moti Voto

The floating wine glass gave it the sci fi touch and the 3 fingers established him nicely as alien.

I’ll post an update when the final color version is ready. As you can see character creation is really about gathering your ideas and figuring out how to express them. It can take a few tries to really distill the ideas that are in your head. In Moti’s case, he’s a nasty creature and I can’t wait to formally introduce him to the rest of the cast in Junx City.


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Nimian Hunter 2 Screenshots

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