BrightRidge Update 1.2 – Jumping!

I’ve put a lot of new additions into BrightRidge update 1.2 and it will be available soon. i thought i’d share a few screenshots and details

New image effects

including antialiasing and Magic Hour – which bathes the world in an ethereal rainbow glow

photo 3d


Custom cameras

The camera can now be switched between preset locations and is also completely customizable so you can see BrightRidge from all new angles

photo 3a



I always thoiught games are better with jumoing and now its coming to BrightRidge. You have a responsive powerful jump, and like the flying it’s one of those mechanics that once i tried it makes a huge differece in how you explore the environment. Its made the space much more vertical and ill be adding quests and landmarks to take advantage of this in the later 1.4 “Quest” update.

photo 5


Dynamic Weather & Controls

BrightRidge now has dynamic weather – storms, fog, rain, wind and even hurricanes. You can also go into the settings and change the current weather type with a touch and set the frequency of the weather changes. You might even come across a rainbow or two.

photo 3s


New Shapechanging

Ive added the butterfly, fox and deer to the list of animals you can shapechange to. Spirit view still lets you watch the animals go about their business, Shapechange lets you actually become them.

photo 2d


Quality Settings

Now you can increase the density of the grass and the distance, turn reflections and antialiasing on and off. This is the first batch of quality controls so if your device can handle it you can turn all the effects up to next gen for a very lush world.

photo 1a



New Viewdot Behaviour

Viewdots now display only the title of the location so that descriptions dont get in the way of the view. You can turn the additional information on and off anytime if you want to learn more in depth about the Nimian Legends universe. This also lays the groundwork for the new dialogue system that’s coming with quests in update 1.4

photo 2

photo 1

Updated UI

The options screen has been completely redesigned to offer you more control on how you interact with BrightRidge’s world

photo 1s


Did I mention jumping?

I managed to jump into this tree:) With the new vertical movement im going to have to clean up textures in nooks and crannys like this.

photo 3

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August 28th, 2014

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