BrightRidge Update 1.2 – The Skadad (Corrupted)

Skadad means corrupted in Swedish. It’s the perfect word to describe the new not-quite-enemy in BrightRidge. Covered in a black, corrupting oil, Skadad generally leave you alone, skulking around the woods and across the landscape. Antagonize them and they will fight back. The big addition is your new LIGHT power – swap it in and you can burn the darkness off the Skadad, revealing the villagers underneath.

nimian-legends-brightridge-start nimian-legends-brightridge-skadad




New Camera options in action, allow you to zoom WAY out. If you look closely you can see your player very very small in the center of the screen, standing on the statue. All shots are from iPhone 5S. You can keep moving after setting the camera, so if you want to play BrightRidge from, say, a Diablo 3 point of view you can




You can zoom in too for a shoulder view



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September 3rd, 2014

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