BrightRidge Update 1.2.1 – Photo Mode, First Person View and more

I’m submitting update 1.2.1 to the app store tomorrow, hopefully it will be approved soon. I’m doing smaller but more frequent updates now as i am close to finishing the mechanics before i do the big “Quests” update. Here’s a rundown of the new features
Photo Mode
enter photo mode to freely move the camera and take screenshots that are saved to your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll. The screenshots on the page were taken on my iphone using this feature. I think it might make promoting the game a bit easier too if people can compose their own shots and share them

First Person View

You can now explore BrihtRidge in first person mode. It looks pretty cool If you attack while in First Person mode your bow becomes your default weapon.

I reduced the source file size by half and fixed the 300 or so Unity warnings by removing all the obselete code. These warnings in Unity 4 became errors in unity 5 so its all part of a massive code and asset clean up that should make the game much faster over the next few updates

River Splashes
Now your players feet splash when walking in a river as well as walking in lakes

Splash Screen GUI
The splash screen options have been updated to match the rest of the game’s option screens

Bug Fixes

A lot of them

I’ll post an update here as soon as/if apple approves the update. I am already working on update 1.2.2 that brings a cool new feature – portal grenades – more on that soon but it’s a cool new way to travel around brightridge.

In the meantime here’s a few more screenshots taken with the new Photo Mode feature




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November 9th, 2014

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