Nimian Legends

A satirical Sci-Fi city of corruption and cash. It's in development, but in the meantime you can
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For Everyone Different

The corruption and excess of Junx City is complemented by its diversity. Citizens of all kinds flock to this planetary cosmopolis in search of adventure, love and adventure.

Shitty City District

The smog-choked streets of Shitty City house Junx City's largest undergound market and Industrial center.

Superburbia District

The emerald, open hills of Superburbia are home to the do-gooder, suburban yuppie crowd.

Glamatopio District

The drugged-fueled Neon-techno media canyons of Glamatopio are home to the elite global superculture.

Nimian Hunter Salvation

Nimian Hunter 2

Fantasy Action Adventure

nimian saga

Nimian Legends

Original Fantasy World Setting

nimian saga

Plum Nut

Ryhthm Platformer