Nimian Legends

An open-world action adventure set in the world of Nimian Hunter. Coming soon to iPhone & iPad.

A Mystery Unfolds

The Grand Hunter has gone missing, investigating reports of strange creatures inhabiting a mysterious island in the south. The Clan has tasked you with discovering the reason for his dissapearance.

An Open World Awaits

More than 16 square kilometers of detailed natural environment. Climb mountains, wade through rivers, and enjoy the meticulously created natural beauty of the Nimian World.

The Hunt is On

Strange beasts have appeared on the Isle of Nemet. Creatures string enough to defeat even the Grand Hunter himself. Will you be the next to fall?

Air Land & Sea

Your adventure will take you by horseback, beneath the seas, below the ground and even into the skies.

Coming Soon

Nimian Hunter Salvation is coming soon for IOS.

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nimian saga

Nimian Legends

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